Dakota Land Works specializes in tree/brush mulching, land clearing, soil conditioning, stump grinding, and a variety of other land maintenance services including:

·         reclaiming CRP fields

·         right-of-way clearing for utilities

·         site prep & lot clearing

·         field & pasture perimeter clearing

·         survey line clearing

·         fence line clearing

·         forest hazardous fuels reduction

·         hunting land prep

·         tree thinning
·         trail development

·         trail & road overgrowth clearing

·         gravel driveway restoration

·         stump grinding

·         stump removal

·         vegetation management

·         forest under brushing

·         park & campground clearing

·         viewscape clearing

·         small demolition jobs

·         tree services

·         storm cleanup

·         commercial property maintenance

·         other general skid steer work

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Tree and brush mulching, also referred to as forestry mulching, is fairly new to our region. It involves removing undesirable trees, brush, stumps, and forest debris by grinding into a reusable mulch. Mulch is spread evenly to reduce erosion and add nutrients to the soil.

Mulching can be done on a plant-by-plant basis and each tree or shrub is mulched at its original location. This reduces the need for heavy equipment to be on site and preserves nearby plant life. Traditional methods of land clearing make it difficult to selectively clear areas of a customer’s property.


Forestry mulching is a very cost effective way to clear overgrown brush and prevent invasive species in wooded areas. It's a replacement for other land-clearing methods, such as bulldozing and burning. It also eliminates the expense of transporting and disposing of debris.

Other land clearing methods our larger competitors use often leave large areas of bare dirt after work is completed. This leads to erosion issues on customers’ land. Using tree and brush mulching to clear land will reduce risk of erosion significantly. Mulch keeps soil in place while protecting root systems of ground-cover plants and natural grass. Over time, this helps keep customers property drainage in good shape and preserves the health of the environment.
Over time, tree and brush mulching enriches the soil and reduces risk of mold and fungus, which damages standing trees. When a tree or shrub is mulched, the nutrients from the wood slowly get deposited in the soil giving the soil nutrients it needs to help plants thrive.


Soil Conditioning is ideal for your grading, shaping and leveling needs. Our soil conditioner moves soil ahead while tilling, filling in low spots, and cutting down high spots in one pass.

There are many uses for our soil conditioner including: gravel road/driveway restoration, clearing debris, seedbed prep, tilling soil, tearing out sod, smoothing ruts, landscaping, and more!