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What We Do

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CRP Maintenance

Land enrolled in the CRP program plays an integral part in safeguarding the nation's natural resources. Let us help you maintain your CRP land in accordance with your program guidelines. Make sure to check with your local USDA office regarding cost-share opportunities.

Right-of-Way Clearing

Right-of-Way Clearing

Whether it's right-of-way clearing and maintenance on power line or pipeline easements, we strive to provide effective clearance with minimal disruption to natural landscapes and neighborhoods.

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Recreational Development

Whether your exploring a trail in the woods or hanging out around a firepit, recreation is vital to family bonding and healthy development. We have the equipment necessary to develop and maintain trails to keep your family or customers involved in the outdoors.



We work directly with estate managers to understand the job that needs to be completed to beautify and preserve the owners land for future generations to come. Let us do the hard work so that your family land stays well maintained. 


Hunting Land Prep

If you want to step up your hunting game, we can help with that! We can prep your land for a food plot, clear shooting lanes, clear paths to your stand, or create deer funneling opportunities.

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With government projects there are unique rules and regulations that must be followed. Dakota Land Works will take the time to learn and understand what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and when the project needs to be completed.

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